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A Secure Lock & Door technician assists a stranded motorist by getting into their car.

Secure Lock & Door Van #3


Stocked & outfitted with state of the art key machines, tools, onboard computer, power inverter, emergency lighting, emergency entry tools, and many other items essential to providing you with the best possible service.

This antique door presented an unusual problem.  The door knob had been broken and was no longer functional.  And the door was 3 inches thick.  This meant that fitting the door with a working knob would require some custom modifications. 


With some careful craftsmanship Secure Lock & Door was able to install a new working door knob while re-using the antique door trim so the door could keep it’s unique look.

A brand new door is installed to replace a door that was damaged when crooks forced the door open.

Secure Lock & Door also installed a latch guard to prevent further break-ins, just part of our policy of not only fixing the problem, but looking at how to prevent future problems.

One of Secure Lock & Door’s high quality key machines, the Bravo III.  Capable of cutting numerous keys with an extremely high degree of accuracy this machine is just part of the technology Secure Lock & Door puts to work for you.

When drilling open a safe it’s usually nice to know what kind of safe you’re drilling open.

This antique safe had no identification on it and no schematic.

But in spite of these obstacles the safe opening was attempted and with a little luck and some carefully drilling, the safe was opened.

Because Secure Lock & Door believes that good things happen when you go for it.